Monday, November 20, 2006

Baby Girl Born

I wrote about our neighbors who were kidnapped more than a month ago. On Saturday, the older son's wife gave birth to their first baby. The second son's wife is expecting any day now. There is still no news of the boys, dead or alive. May they live to see their children, and may this newborn girl have the chance to grow up under her father's caring wing.


your hubby's sister said...

a'ameen.. inshaa Allah they're still alive out there somewhere..

miraj said...

I pray they get back unharmed to their families.

My family have the same situation and I have posted about it here

I just wonder in 6 years how our schools would sound!! That's if we have schools in the future.

Fatima said...

Hi Miraj,
I read your entry on your cousin and his wife, and I am saddened by the catastrophe that faces Iraqis. I hope she meets with him soon, in this world. And I hope Hassan does not grow up as an orphan from Day One.