Monday, May 05, 2008

Iraqis and Facebook

Not a scientific article, by any means, but I find it increasingly interesting how fast the Facebook phenomenon is spreading worldwide. My (egyptian) cousins in Egypt are avid Facebookers, adding every application and friend they can find. And for me, that was the best thing I've gotten out of joining Facebook, keeping in touch on a 'regular' basis with my kid cousins.
And now, I've noticed that Iraqis are increasingly joining the world of Facebook! It's not as widespread in Iraq as it is in the rest of the Arab world, but it is slowly gaining in popularity. From my husband's account, I see a good number of his colleagues and former co-workers adding him as Facebook friends. And one of my buddies from Iraq added me recently.
What I've noticed is that a number of Iraqi Facebookers are now ex-patriots or 'refugees' to a degree, i.e. they've left Iraq and that's how they got introduced to FB. And from those still inside Iraq, they're youngish (20's-30's), educated and have 'int'l' friends (Americans, etc) or found out about FB from friends and family forced out of Iraq.
Just a peak through my narrow glimpse into this worldwide phenomenon.

(btw: i'm not yet ready to give out my Facebook name. :) sorry folks!)