Thursday, March 18, 2010

Projected Parliament Seats for 2010 Iraqi Elections

My hubby sat down and did a few calculations today for the election results.  Following are the projected number of seats each party will be getting in Parliament:

  1. State of Law (Maliki): 88 Seats
  2. Allawi:  86 Seats
  3. Iraqi National Alliance (ISCI and Sadrists): 65 Seats
  4. Kurds: 40 Seats
  5. Tawafuq:  8 Seats
  6. Bolani: 5 Seats
  7. KIU (Kurd. Islamic Union): 5 Seats
  8. Goran: 10 Seats
  9. Kurds Jama Islamiah:  3 Seats

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Three Cups of Tea

Just finished reading Three Cups of Tea, a book about Greg Mortenson's work.  Inspiring.  Inspirational. Amazing.  A man who had a mission deeply defined in his heart, gave up all his needs in life, including a home at one point in time, and sleep, to make this desire a reality.  I hope I can learn from him.  Definitely more thoughts to come on it. 

My hats off to Greg Mortenson, Jean Hoerci, Haji Ali and all the real people who amazed me, inspired me and gave me a good feeling about humanity.  May Allah bless them and give them peace in their hearts.