Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Eid Days

I've been really busy these last few weeks. Too busy to even care to check my facebook, my email, my blog. But I've settled a bit yesterday and today and am typing away.
My husband is here on vacation from Baghdad. We were talking of having me and the girls go to Jordan to try living there, so we'd be closer to him. But plans have changed, and I've finally gotten my own place here. It's nice with the hubby here, but I'm already depressed thinking of him leaving and leaving me alone in this apartment.
This last couple of weeks has been a whirlwind.... Eid, brother here on vacation, sister in law engaged (congrats, sis!), hubby here (!yay!), finding an apt, furnishing the apt, looking for things on craigslist, waiting for replies from craigslist, shopping at ikea, putting together furniture bought from ikea, deciding never to do ikea again :).... . Now I have my one comfy black couch, and black/white printed Poang! chair. And here I am sitting on it, typing away.
I don't feel settled yet, even with my new apartment, my new furniture, my new-used Volvo station wagon, and my new utensils. As long as my husband isn't with me, I can't be settled. Let's hope things in Baghdad get better soon so that I can be with him, or get really bad, so that he can leave (just half-kidding. I'd never hope evil for mankind so that I'd be more comfortable.)

Sunday, October 14, 2007