Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Waking Up in the Morning

I woke up two mornings ago to some crazy loud, ringing shots at 6:52 am. It's become a very normal thing to hear shots and explosions throughout the day, coming from different distances- so we have learned to block out these sounds. It is only when they are pretty close to home that we start wondering about them.

The shots I heard the other day got me wondering, because they were on the main street right outside our home, and because they were different sounding than normal rifles or machine guns. My neighbor came by later in the day and told me that her whole family had also been startled awake by the shots (she had ran to her father to make sure he was okay). Her father went out onto the sat-h (flat roof of all houses here) to check out what was happening. He saw some American Hummers on the main street firing at something (apparently the guns on these Hummers are really large; hence the incredible firing noise that we had never heard this close to us). There had been some retaliatory fire, most likely from some resistance/rebel forces. I figured that the third anniversary of the 'fall of Baghdad' (as the invasion is called here-April 9th) had something to do with this.

Alhamdulillah, no big deal, as no one we know was hurt.

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f. d. rahman said...

glad to hear you're okay, alhamdulillah..