Tuesday, April 18, 2006


We had a sandstorm/thunderstorm here in Baghdad yesterday. These are some pics my husband and I took around 5 pm (sunset is not until 7:35 pm). Sandstorm season starts around now, springtime through summer, and occurs a few times during the winter. For women in Baghdad, sandstorms usually mean a really dusty house that needs a major dusting/mopping/wipe down. For car owners, it means a really dirty car, inside and out.

The good thing about this storm, is that it helped bring down the temps a bit this week, which were skyrocketing to the 90's (Fahrenheit). Today the weather is cool, in the mid seventies.


MEA said...

oh wow Fatty, these pictures are incredibly beautiful masha'Allah.

f. d. rahman said...

remember the dirt devils in the distance.. that's so beautiful, especially the last one masha'Allah.

Anonymous said...

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