Monday, April 24, 2006

Another Sandstorm

Kitchen door image
Front door image

View from kitchen window, though it's actually dark inside (flash).

Rooftop image

Amidst seven car bombs today, one of which my daughter and I heard loudly from our house, we had another beautiful sandstorm (Monday). The sky doesn't always get this orange; I think it's a combination of the sandstorm and thunderstorm when they come together. Perhaps something about the sun reflecting off the water droplets and the sand in the atmosphere.

I remember during the war on Iraq in 2003, there was one huge sandstorm that all the media covered. I remember it had delayed the invasion by a day or so. I think I even still remember the date of it: April 4th, 2003, though I'm not 100% sure. I had never experienced a sandstorm at that point, but I remember how everyone against the war was excited about the sandstorm; how Allah (God) was helping keep the invasion away.

Anyways, with this sandstorm, the whole house was completely dark at 2:50 pm. And that helped my baby get a nice, long afternoon nap. These are some pics I took from my doorway and rooftop. The one with the windows is from my kitchen, but my kitchen was actually pitch black at the time.


Esam said...

Kan allahu fi 3awniki ya kha6iyah.

f. d. rahman said...

subnah Allah.. its so beautiful.. did you tape the doors and windows up.. even though the sand still goes through..

f. d. rahman said...

I believe there is a question in there somewhere... :oP

Anonymous said...

Eventhough the images are very beautiful - it looks eery!! I imagine you had a LOT of work afterwards .. doesn't this sand sneak into even the tiniest space? I don't think I envy you for the sand-storms ... though I love the pictures!! GREAT JOB!

Fatima said...

It does look eerie in pics, kinda like a fire or something. But its actually a lot more beautiful in real life, with the wind blowing the palm trees, the cooler weather, etc.
But yeah, definitely messes up the house.

Fatima said...

Also, about the eerieness, at one point before I had opened my curtains, a thought slipped into my mind that a big explosion/fire had occured outside. Thankfully, that wasn't the case.

Anonymous said...

You really make me reconsider my sentence "I don't think I envy you for the sandstorms" ... it must be really beautiful eventhough eery and spooky! I can almost "feel" the atmosphere ...
Alone the thought, a big explosion might have occured, would scare the daylight out of me ... I am afraid though in your neck of the woods this is almost an every-day-event!
Keep up the great work ... and STAY SAFE GUYS!!!