Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My View of the Inauguration

I was really lucky to make it to Obama's inauguration on the national mall, though I didn't get to see him in person. The experience of being out there with at least 1 million fellow human beings was in itself a grand event. Celebrating Obama's inauguration was another. I tried to capture some of the excitement of the day with my camera, tried to capture some of the feeling of multitudes of humans out there at one time, in one place.

More on what I thought of the inauguration to follow in another post, inshaAllah.

I was standing near the Monument, near a hill, and I think this picture shows the crowds the best.


I got to watch the inauguration on a large screen jumbo-tron, out in freezing weather, but it was worth it. This was right after "President-Elect" became "President" Obama. The crowd went wild. Released all their tension from the previous years. I didn't realize that so many other ppl felt that way till I heard Bush, Cheney and everyone related to them get boo-ed like crazy every time they came on screen.

Trying to get home after the event was a study in crowd control. Seriously. 100,000 strong stuck in unmoving human traffic. This man is directing traffic from atop the porta potties. At least attempting to.


Halla said...

I envy you, wish I was there but I would have been crying like crazy which I did anyway. No arrests were made, no unruly crowds, just a feeling of optimisim...I truly feel part of this election and a feeling of "wow thats my president".
A week later and that feeling has not gone away

Fatima said...

yah, i still can't believe its' "President" Obama. So far, he's exceeding my expectations.

Halla said...

I love saying president Obama too and I love that he came out of the gate running and implementing everything he said he was going to do. I even heard tonite that Susan Rice said that we will be talking to Iran!! I wish him every prayer, hope and luck with the middle east. I so appreciate that he is tackling it.