Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Elections are Close

And the pathetic intimidation begins. Iraq is getting ready for provincial elections, and there is still a small group out there that thinks they can keep people from joining in the government based on some notion that its a false government, a toy of the occupation.
A friend of ours is running for a the Baghdad provincial council (is that what it's called?) for the IIP (sunni Islamic Iraqi Party). She's a female in her fifties, with grown children. Today, a car drove by her house and shot at the only female in sight, the intended assassinee's sister in law. She was killed in this cowardly act of violence against a woman, for no reason but that she was thought to be running for a government seat.
These crazies need to wake up and stop their foolish game of scare tactics, death and fear mongering. They need to realize that God is not on their side, He is not on the side of violence, of death, of killing, of orphaning, of widowing, of foolishness.


Halla said...

unbelievable! Some people are so twisted and why don't they realise that believing in God is all about making humankind better and that killing is evil and satanic?

what kind of twisted teachings are they getting?

Fatima said...

Update: yesterday i read an article about 3 different candidates being assassinated two days ahead of the elections. I spoke with my husband, and he told me he had just spent the day with one of these candidates during one of his campaigns. They had spoken to each other, hubby thanking him for his work, and candidate thanking hubby for his work. A few hours later, he was dead. It's so sad, and pathetic what these losers do.

Thaqalain said...

Dark horse wins over one Iraqi city: Karbala

That's truly shame for Al-Maliki and Al-Hakim both, the trend shows how frustrated are shias due to rule of these CIA collaborators.
The logic was that someone worth killing might be capable of battling corruption and entrenched interests."

Al-Hakim and Al-Maliki should think deeply how can a Karbalaei elect a Sunni Ba`athist over them!!! I believe anything which is delivered by State Department Agenda will continue to be rejected.

Here is the ground reality Why Al-Maliki, Al-Hakim lost power and Shi`iets trust:

It looks like this is our culture after 35 years of a totalitarian system that was the former regime.

Thousands of Shiites and Sunnis still believe that no one deserves to run this country except Saddam Hussein. Even some of my close relatives, who are Shiites, say they would prefer it if Saddam was still in control because he was strong.

They think everything that happened in the last few years happened because the country was deprived of his power. They don’t care about individual freedom and such things; they believe that to secure this country you must use power.

There is much talk about non-sectarian parties doing better in the election. But do not make a mistake: these sectarian feelings have not gone away.

Its my understanding the face of Saddam is gone but Iraqis love to be ruled by dictators and in fact a more severe Saddam Malouon will continue rule in the shape of Al-Allawi or Al-Maliki.

Anonymous said...

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