Sunday, September 30, 2007

You Go, Mugabe!

I heard part of Mugabe's speech to the UN General Assembly yesterday on NPR news, and all I could think was, "You go, Mugabe!"
After Bush attacked Zimbabwe's government for being tyrannical, its president stood up in front of the UN General Assembly and attacked Bush for his 'rank hypocrisy.' He said, "His hands drip with innocent blood of many nationalities ... He kills in Iraq. He kills in Afghanistan. And this is supposed to be our master on human rights?" And he said, "Almighty Bush is now coming back to the UN for a rescue package because his nose is bloodied. Yet he dares to lecture us on tyranny." He also said, "Mr. Bush thinks he stands above all structures of governance, whether national or international. At home, he does not need the Congress. Abroad, he does not need the UN, international law and opinion."
And Mugabe, you are right, and thank you for stating this in front of the world body. Bush, you cannot continue to take the high ground on the world stage for spreading democracy and freedom, for being the president of the land of the free and the brave. After your Patriot Act, after your Guantanamo, after your Abu Ghraib, after your war on terror, after your war in Iraq and Afghanistan, you can not honestly stand in front of the world and attack human rights aggressions. Sadly. So Sadly. We need a world leader who is innocent of these crimes against humanity, at home and abroad. May aggression everywhere, in America and outside of America be erased forever.

Added:Link to Mugabe's full speech.


moi said...

thanks for the heads up on Mugabe's speech. I just found the full text online, and it's quite powerful actually. Mugabe himself is no angel, but he's quite courageous for giving such a speech. All our Arab leaders combined can't muster up 1/100th of that courage.

Fatima said...

Yes, moi, he's no angel, but he's got guts, even if he is just stating the obvious and the known. And I just added a link to his full speech, per your comment. thanks.

Joel said...

You make a hero out of a man who is the lowest of the low. I am no admirer of Bush, but Mugabe is beyond contempt. This is what Wikipedia says about him:
"The Mugabe administration has been criticised around the world for corruption, suppression of political opposition, mishandling of land reform, economic mismanagement, and deteriorating human rights in Zimbabwe. According to most analysts his administration's policies have led to economic collapse and massive starvation over the course of the last ten years. Zimbabwe has the highest inflation rate in the world[3] predicted to hit 1.5 million % by the end of 2007,[4] and is, according to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Africa's worst economic performer.[5] With a record 85 % unemployment and ~8000 % inflation rates,[6] Zimbabwe is in its worst economic crisis since Mugabe took power.[7] His government has been accused of being racist by among others British Foreign Office Minister Peter Hain[8], senior Zimbabwean Roman Catholic bishops[9] and John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York[10]."
I expect better of you than knee jerk aplause for anyone who bashes Bush.

Fatima said...

Thanks, Joel, for your words. I appreciate them. I realize Mugabe is low, and has caused much hardship for his people. But I wasn't well informed on him at all, and you're right, I am just applauding his bashing of Bush. I still admire his bluntness in front of the world body . Good to here from you after such a long absence.

dangerbull said...

Yikes, this is crazy talk. Mugabe is a disgrace with no moral standing at all.

It's a common tactic of the wretched to accuse others of his very own crimes. It's a diversion strategy.

I suppose you would claim that's what President Bush was doing, but Mugabe's accusing Bush is just a joke.

I wish your husband well in Iraq, and you as well.