Friday, April 20, 2007

Hoping for Bilal: Day Four

My heart is heavy and I don't want to write this. I thought almost for sure that by today I would be writing good news. Bilal is still not home. The family has basically accepted his fate. But there's always hope, until a body is found. There's always hope, even if the mind knows otherwise.
Tomorrow his brother, father, uncles, and cousin (my husband) will go search for his body in the city morgue. Please make duaa that he comes home safe and sound.
I spoke with Aunt N, didn't know what to say to her. She was crying telling me, "Bas areed aghsha'u, bas areed aghsha'u...hatta law....". "All I want is to see him, all I want is to see him... even if... all I want is to see him." Aaaah ya Khala N, I hope you see him well and alive.
Please pray for him.


Yasir said...

May Allah grant you and your family sabr and may He grant bilal Jannat al firdaus al a3la.

JazakaAllah khairan for sharing, your family is in our duas.

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your updates and this is just tragic!! My heart & prayers are with your family, there is still hope that he might be alive. Allah Ma3kou


Joel said...

If Allah, or God, or Jesus, or Moses, or anyother Supreme Being gave a damn, things like this wouldn't happen. The conclusion must be there there is no such.
How long can anyone of any religion have faith in a being who premits such godless crimes as this and many more? If this kind of terrible crime is to stop it must be stopped by human beings, not by faith in one religion or the other. More people have died, and continue to die, because of religion than any other social cause.

Anonymous said...

Man kill Man, not Allah, Jesus,God,Moses or any other supreme being. MAN...Human Beings