Monday, May 01, 2006

Eyewitness Account: More Amiriya Chaos

Its not my purpose or wish to show a completely bleak picture of what's happening here, and so sometimes I try to steer away from recording all the sad/violent news that we see here. But this eyewitness account by my husband's aunt just blew my mind away.

Aunt 'H' was visiting us on Friday, and in passing (!), was mentioning that they were looking to move out of Amiriya, especially after the last incident with the 'corpse.' At around 4 pm the day before, they heard some loud noise outside their house, so her husband went onto the rooftop to check out what was happening. A 'Daewoo' car had driven up in front of their house, forced a guy out of the car, shot him to death and drove off. His body was thrown out of the car, in front of my aunt in law's house.
They called the police to have someone remove the dead body. An entire day later, the body was finally removed. I really have nothing to say about this incident. It just blows my mind away how the rule of lawlessness and chaos has enveloped this land. And how cheap the blood of a human has become, and how insignificant his God given dignity and honor.

On a side note: This same aunt was telling us how she was driving home with her daughter a while ago, when they noticed that up ahead, on the same street, a car had blocked off the street and started shooting at another car. She immediately put her car in reverse, trying to find a side street to turn into. Her 15 year old daughter was completely freaked by the incident.

Also, we visited my husband's grandmother this Friday in Adhamiya; the first time we've been over since the latest round of violence they witnessed. I forgot to take my camera with me, but they showed me one of their windows that had a bullet hole through the middle of it. The bullet tore through the thick curtain and ricocheted off the bed post on which a granddaughter was sleeping. She woke up immediately when she felt her bed shake, fearing that a thief was in the house. It was then that she discovered the bullet.


f. d. rahman said...

oh man.. istaghfur Allah.. these people.. they amaze me every day with the things they do.. and poor cousin.. alhamdulillah the bullet didn't hit her.

Karin said...

I'm at a loss for words right now ... I just imagine how I would react - I would freak out I'm sure! This is so terrible and I wish to GOD I'd have a possibility to help you guys!! BE STRONG guys ... even this is easier said than done. I'm sending you a comforting hug ... and will pray for your safety and and end to this hell you are forced to go through!

moi said...

Salam Fatima,
I just discovered your blog, my sister told me about it, and I read all of your posts. It's great that you can keep us all updated about what is going on with you, but at the same time, it's so disturbing what is going on there. I read and write about it all the time, but it's much different when you hear it from someone experiencing life there. Allah y3eenkom w ysabbirkom.
(I'm sure you can guess who I am w/o me telling you b/c I blog anonymously. How many 21-yr old Jordanian girls do you know from DAH? ;))

Fatima said...

Hey moi,
Yeah, the Jordan clue helped. Not too many authentic Jordanians at DAH. :)

Halla said...

Too much violence!!! I hope sometime really soon, you will get some peace!!!