Monday, May 29, 2006

Date Palms

One of my favorite things in Baghdad is the numerous date palms that dot the landscape. Almost anywhere you look, you see these majestic trees in the distance.
This weekend, while driving under a palm tree, I noticed that the dates are starting to come in. It's an awesome sight, subhanaAllah. Here are some pics.

For those who don't know: dates are used in alot of different ways here, from date vinegar for cooking/salads, to date syrup (dibis) as a breakfast item.


aea #2 said...

when you come insha'allah, don't forget to pack us some with you.

I love Munich said...

BEAUTIFUL pics!! I love dates ... hmmmm!!!

f. d. rahman said...

is that from mommi's garden?

bri said...

hello... i am a student at the university of washington and am in a class where we are reporting on blogs and how useful/ not useful they are for recording information, and news events. I love your blog. your stories are so interesting, but i was wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about yourself. Like why you decided to move to iraq, what you do for a living, what your childhood was like and so forth. If you think of anything else interesting about yourself or anything you would like to ask me feel free... my e-mail address is thank you so much, this is a huge help and if you could would you respond to me asap!!!!!

Fatima said...

aea2: Allah Kareem.
Munich, I love dates, too! :)
F.D: no, from next to our house.

moi said...

lovely pics, mashallah :)