Monday, December 01, 2008

Sleet in Baghdad

The hubby sent me these pics from a recent sleet storm in Baghdad. Quite interesting.


Karin said...

I had no idea such heavy rain is even POSSIBLE in Baghdad!
Thanks so much for posting the picture!!

Fatima said...

Where've you been Karin? I tried writing on your blog but i guess you removed the comments feature? miss you!

mewmewmew said...

Finally catching up on some long overdue postings. Wasn't that just awesome, I cried for days thinking about what we finally achieved in electing Obama. For days before that I was nervous and didn't want to hope too much just in case it would be another stolen election but in my 50 years and have been voting since I was 18 have never been so invested in an election, donated time and money for the first time in my life and change finally came. Thank God!! Nushkur Allah!!

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