Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Now For Some Deeper Thought

So, I'm still riding on a cloud, but I do want to think about this issue on a deeper level. In my thirty years of living, and my twelve years of voting, I have never seen such euphoria over a candidate and president-elect. I have never seen such an election. I have never seen such a turnout. I have never seen my state of Virginia with the possiblity of 'switching sides', from Republican to Democrat. And I have never seen such a strong victory for a presidential candidate.
But all that happened, and the streets of American are jubilant, and one year ago, I did not think this was possible. I did not think that America, small town America, white America, older American, was ready to elect a black president. I hoped, but I said, no way. And now, I'm so happy that America proved me wrong, and put a black man in the White House.

Now, I want to understand why my country is soooooo unbelievable excited about this? On my Facebook account, last night around midnight, when McCain conceded and gave his speech, and when Obama gave his victory speech, Facebook was alive. Unbelievably alive with tens and tens of people declaring their absolute EUPHORIA and excitement at Obama's win. People were euphoric, jubliant, unbelievably happy, and every other synonym out there. Why this amount of feeling?
For me, I think that it's a translation of 'minority' people's happiness at finding 'one of them' elected into the strongest position of leadership in the modern world. A feeling of happiness at finding that America truly represents you. That you really belong, now matter what you look like, no matter what your name sounds like. Its a pride in knowing that a large number of Americans share this view, and have overcome their prejudices and stereotypes of just a few decades ago.
Its excitement at seeing a younger, more diverse spirit leading this nation.
For me, I am so proud of America right now. Proud of it for overcoming so much, and showing us what it is capable of.
And for me, I really hope that Obama does not disappoint. I hope that he leads this nation to justice and equality for all, and that he stays away from aggression, wherever it may be. I hope that he does not become just another one of them presidents.
And finally, I really do salute John McCain on his work and his speech last night. It was chivalrous, and I hope he rests after his long years of service.

GOOOBAMA! Long Live Justice, Equality and all this is good in this world!


Halla said...

Hi Fatima,
Finally catching up on some long overdue postings. Wasn't that just awesome, I cried for days thinking about what we finally achieved in electing Obama. For days before that I was nervous and didn't want to hope too much just in case it would be another stolen election but in my 50 years and have been voting since I was 18 have never been so invested in an election, donated time and money for the first time in my life and change finally came. Thank God!! Nushkur Allah!!

mewmewmew said...

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