Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reality Check

A few months ago, my husband was visiting us from Baghdad and we were chatting with his newly married sister. She was telling us about the coolest present she had received for her marriage, and it was a gift certificate to ride a hot air balloon, or skydive or some other 'extreme sport (extreme in my book, at least. :))

So, we were just going back and forth about which sport we'd choose if we had the choice, and my husband mentioned he'd definitely go for sky-diving. "At least there's a use to it."
I was like, "What in the world use is there to sky-diving?" And then it hit me. Hubby was seriously tied to his life in Baghdad, and I had forgotten the daily realities he lived through. He rides helicopters sometimes, and private planes, and they definitely have enemies. So for him, an sport activity of this kind could one day come in handy as a life-saving exercise. And he wasn't thinking too far into the future either.
Reality check indeed.

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