Saturday, March 22, 2008

5 years!

This month marks the 5th anniversary of the War on Iraq and incidentally it is also our 7th anniversary as a couple. I remember back in 2003 telling Fatima that it would only be 6 months and then we would re-evaluate the situation and make decisions accordingly. I remember insisting on not living in the IZ because I said that if we were there to serve the Iraqi people we have to live among them. Sadly...instead of still living in my house and being proud to be working for Iraq I am now a resident of the Rasheed Hotel and only travel out with armed guards. People talk about the situation improving but I want to mention a few things aside from the media pronouncements. In reality there is a growing problem that is not being addressed. It was evident during the recent visit of President Ahmedinajad and how he was received and the way he announced his visit weeks in advance and toured Baghdad in stark comparison to how VP Cheney and any other US official comes. When Ahmedinajad was here Baghdad was eerily quiet while when VP Cheney was here bombs and mortars were going off. It was also evident when the Iraqi delegation was the only delegation that refused to stand with its Arab neighbors in condemning Iran for occupying the three Emirate Islands. It is evident in our trade relations with Iran as compared to every other country including the US.

I ask myself the question sometime, was it worth it for the United States? The blood and treasure spilled and spent and yet instead of Iraq standing with the US on basic policies it has turned to Iran on every aspect of governance and economy. This is a more fundamental issue than when and should US troops leave Iraq. The answer should be that now that the US has done all of this what does the US want to accomplish and is it working towards that goal or simply calming the situation to placate an anxious and angry US population during an election year. Unfortunately, the one player who has gained the most at the expense of the US and Iraq is Iran, yet interestingly enough either people here fail to see it or fail to do anything about it.


Fatima said...
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Sang J. Moon said...

The question is if Iraq's relationship with Iran is mainly with the Iranian people or with the theocratic dictatorship headed by Iran's Supreme Leader. I'm sure the USA doesn't mind economic relationship between the two countries' people because there is quite a bit of trade occurring under the radar between the USA and Iran, but is Iran's leadership dictating what the Iraqi people will do? If I recall, all Iraqi Shiite leaders except Sadr denounced publicly and forcefully that they are not Iran's puppets when accused as such by Egypt. The sympathies when Iran's president visited may be just a reflection of their sympathies with the Iranian people and not necessarily with the Iranian leadership.

Halla said...

First of all Mabruk on your wedding anniversary, may you have a long and happy life together!

Second anniversary of 5 years is 5 years too long!

Third anniversary of Cousin "B" Bilal is horrifying, I hope his family has been able to deal with his tragedy. I remember reading the day to day updates from you Fatima and felt I was there as well and was devastated when it turned out so ugly. May God rest his soul!

Fatima said...

Amen Halla, thanks for your good words and wishes!
Sang, I'll get WorkingforIraq to answer your question, but basically, I think the problem is that Iran is politically involving itself in Iraq's internal issues, and some Iraqi factions in Iraq are allowing this to happen. Iran has been accused of being behind much of the violence in Iraq, and that is why it was able to control the violence when their President came a-visiting.

Thaqalain said...


So its not Iran's fault to play a bigger master role.

Why United Shatanic States kept funding Saddam and used him to go on WARs against Iran with GCC support.

I don't think so Rasheed Hotel is situated on free Baghdad's soil. It's a tottally occupied remote Satellite State of IZ/GZ where your passports are not enought to walk or travel.

Fatima and your honorable hubby must do an in-depth analysis priror to issuing hasty comments.

Don't you know Iraq has not borders with Iran alone. Off-course smugglers on either side don't follow any good SOP to perform it on their own.

You can't blame a party leadership or government for funding/harboring this practise. Don't you know who has command and control of Iranian border? Don't you know who is dealing with arms, ammunition and Jihadies ongoing supply from Jordan, Saudia, Syrian Side (somehow its being controlled).

There will not be any peace in Baghdad until the fall of Malookiat and Taghootiyat from GZ and Arab neighboring states.

As long as Baghgdad/Basra will continue burning , Ammans business bonanza will go sky-rocketting and Saudia/Kuwait's Sultans will be happy to fill thier pockets with compensating petro dollars.

Western Propaganda machinery has presented so much false news/opinions that its too hard for an Iraqi to know who is their real enemy and at the moment you can't even trust your brother for whom he working after Sun-set time!!!!!!!!!

WorkingForIraq said...

The problem with Iran is not with the political leadership. It is interesting that when the situation went downhill in Basra, the Iranian leadership intervened to have Ali Al-Adeeb to be a mediator between the two sides. What is problematic is that Iran wants more than influence in Iraq, and many government institutions in Iraq are well aware of it. Iran, presently has Alqaeda training camps on its soil (I have heard this directly from one of the Iranian leaders who visited Iraq) but they have stopped their infiltration presently. This does not negate the fact that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries are also negatively interfering but they are interfering in a way that is disruption which can be cut off whereas Iran's involvement is to control and play sides against one another. The problem in Iraq is that the Iraqis continue to turn to neighbors for support and do not come together all as Iraqis and resolve their issues. On an economic level, 70-80 % of all Iraqi trade is now occurring with Iran, all of our staple and basic goods come from Iran, many of our consumer goods are coming via Iran, from a national security perspective this is dangerous because if they wanted to punish Iraq they can easily close the border and Iraq will starve.

I don't want readers to misunderstand, I think all of Iraq's neighbors are working to undermine this experiment in Iraq but I think there are levels of interference. Finally, this weeks' problems in Basrah show how weak the state is and this is what many of our neighbors want. Our military is so infiltrated and tied to different parties that we as Iraqis can't depend on them. I want a state for all Iraqis where the basis of rights and responsibilities is the Iraqi citizenship PERIOD! Only then can we begin to see a state of calm and prosperity and we can begin together as Iraqis to stop the intervention of ALL of our neighbors.

Thaqalain said...

I can't believe you hate toward Iran, the only country who has given refuge to millions to esacpe under Saddam rule.

Please bring with some credible source what allegations you have made , otherwise I will think you are part of Western Propaganda Machinery or inspired of its false reports to make your internal feeligs coherent with hate against Iran.

Despite western education you guys forgot to spare Saudis, Syrains involvement and Shi`ietes genocide by Saudi funded Suicide Salafic Soldiers.

WorkingForIraq said...

You know Thaqalain, I don't know why you chose to comment. Please respond by point and refrain from ad homonym attacks. I cannot mention the official in the prior comment but it was said at a high level meeting. I mentioned the Saudis and others but you chose to favor Shia nationalism over Iraqi nationalism which is sad because it is those types of thoughts that undermine the power of the state. Some have yet to understand the statements and propaganda being used to become stronger as parties are the same causes of weakness in our present Iraq.

You chose to defend Iran while you forget that the same country which took in so many Iraqis was the one to badly treat those Iraqis and use some of them to torture their POW brethren; it is the same country that looked down upon Arab Shia as if they were second-class citizens because they were not Persian; the same country which tried and continues till today to overshadow Najf & Karbala as centers of learning and enlightenment by undermining them and advancing Qom. Let us please not look at this issue from a sectarian perspective. I am analyzing from a strictly Iraqi interest-based viewpoint and I hope you can do the same.

Finally, whether or not you think I am part of the "western propaganda machine" I am indifferent to, I know and am proud of who I am and the work that I do and my nationality as an Iraqi so I care not how you judge me, what I do care for are any thoughtful comments or insights you may have as a fellow Iraqi.

Thaqalain said...

I am so sorry you mind me, I know even if u breakdown persian word; the bulk of Tehranis infact Azeri.

So there is no end.But I understand and I feel the same isolation but in the overall context we should not look help fro those sitting across other continent and make our neighbors our worst enemies.

Lets unite and build a better basra, baquba, baghdad.

BTW its Iranians who brought peace on Baghdad's table of deals (on Ad-Dawah request )once again otherwise we kept lifting 500 deads since 5 days.

Do you think its justified to chase single fighter with BlackHawck Down Helicopters with Hellfire Missiles and Precision Guided Bombs and cordoned-off streets , not to allow to lidt bodies even?

Why blood and bodies written for poor slums of Sadr City alone?

Best Wishes