Friday, May 11, 2007

Baby Girl #3 Born

I wrote about my neighbors who were kidnapped more than seven months ago at this link. Two sons and a son in law were taken from their computer store, and until this day, go missing. The family lives in anguish about their fate every day, hearing rumors here and there that their sons are being held by the government. They are hoping that is the case, and not that their sons were murdered those many months ago. Of course we all hope that we can one day celebrate with them their sons' return.
Anyway, I also blogged a while ago about both daughters in law giving birth to their first children, who have yet to meet their fathers.
And now, the daughter of the family, Alyaa, whose husband was kidnapped at the same time as her brothers, has given birth to her second child, a girl; another child born not knowing her father. InshaAllah that is not the case for long. I wonder if the baby's father even knew that he was expecting another child.
I hope your daughter fills a void for you Alyaa, left by the disappearance of your two brothers and your husband. I know your heart is broken, and that everyday looking at your 21 month old son and your newborn daughter reminds you over and over again of your love, but I hope and pray that one day soon that void will be filled and your broken heart will be mended.

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