Sunday, January 21, 2007

Driving in Baghdad

In the last months before I left Baghdad, seeing dead bodies thrown in the street became a regular aspect of life for many people. Thankfully, I was spared this horrific scene. My husband was telling me about his horrible experience the other day, while driving to work. He told me that his driver lost it when he almost ran over the unfortunate soul thrown in the middle of the street, exclaiming that he was leaving this country where a human had no more worth. Here are some of my husband's thoughts on this horrific scene:
"You know you got me is sad that a country can stoop so low so as to not even bother burying its is sad that someone can be stripped of humanity to the degree of killing someone in cold blood and instead of hiding their heinous crime they display it on the streets for all to is sad that we have reached a low where the killer knows not why he killed, and the killed knows not why he was is sad that in the West an animal is given the respect and dignity of being buried whilst a human being is simply dumped in the middle of the road for all to see....the saddest thing is that we have all lost the courage to stand up to the barbarians and say this is wrong. We are therefore all to blame as we drive by all detesting and no one protesting it....

As I drove to work this morning also (a few days after seeing the first body), a body was dumped right in front of (our neighborhood) bakery, his hands bound and a bag placed over his head. This man was probably a father, a son, a husband to someone who will not only not know the fate of their loved one but may not be able to bury them and go visit them in death."


Miguel Fernández said...

My name is Miguel Fernández. I'm a mexican journalism student in Barcelona currently working on a job on Iraq.

Specifically, the job is about the latest US announcement that twenty-thousand more troops will be sent to as a new strategy to "solve" the Iraqi conflict.

I was wondering sir, could i have your brief opinion on the subject?

A couple of lines would do.

It's not really easy to find reliable sources in Barcelona that are not pseudo-anarchists with weird hairdos that have radical-and-uninformed opinions, so it will really be of much help.

Thank you for your time.
Cheers from Barcelona,

Miguel Fernández said...

Oh, damn! I put "sir" instead, of "Fantastic Lady" or nothing. Truly sorry, thanks fot eh time..

Maslawiyya said...

That's incredibly disturbing. It's interesting though, that as people living in America, we are removed from these horrific images to spare us, whereas none of the Iraqis aren't spared these sights because it seems as though no one cares.

Joel said...

Once again, Fatima, your blog has touched me heart, this time by quoting your husband,

Somehow I wish such good writing could be brought to bear on a better world to come.

your hubby's sister said...

made me cry.. istaghfurAllah.. that is so true how, here in America, there is more value placed on animals than placed on human beings in iraq.. its just so incredibly sad.. i never thought things can go from bad, to worse, to never-ending damage and deterioration.. la hawla wala quwwata illah billah.

Fatima said...

Hi Miguel,
Thanks for dropping by. Email me at for my thoughts on this. But generally, I don't think the answer is in increasing the number of troops. Those already there can get the job done, if a better strategy is developed. But then again, I'm not a military strategist, nor a politically savvy person. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

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