Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy Eid

I wanted to wish everyone a joyful Eid Al Adha and a happy holiday season.

I'm happy to be celebrating here with my family, the first time in four years. But my heart feels for my family in Iraq, which has been reduced to three families living in three different, dangerous parts of Baghdad. There will be no family gathering this Eid.

On the subject of Saddam Hussein, I still can't believe that they hung him on the first day of Eid. Quite distasteful, quite blood-thirsty, very wrong. Like they're handing him over on a gold plate to one group of Iraqis, and completely throwing the plate in the faces of the others. Making Eid a double Eid for some, and a bloody Eid for the others. So wrong.


DarkAngel said...

i completely agree with u,,,, eid mubarak 4 u and 2 all Iraqi's... inshallah next eid will b btr 4 all...
enas, Jordan

Anonomouse said...

Well no surprise about hanging the president on Eid!

I guess to Jews and American pagans Eid holds no sanctity..

Oh did i forget the "Iraqi's" who are the "government"? They are not muslims..They are not even men.

Anonomouse said...

In fact, aside from your very well observed "slap in the face to one group" it is also an insult and irreverence to all Muslims...And this is only the start..

Still, decorum held to an extent, after all they did not try to rape the president. Very chivalrous!

Halla said...


Eid Mabruk to you and your family! Am glad that you are safe and mabruk on your pregnancy, hope you have a boy!!

On the subject of Saddam, I think its barbaric and very rushed after the sentencing, why the rush? Over here lethal injections are deemed inhumane but we close our eyes to the hanging and no one can tell me that the USA was not involved with the whole trial and execution.........Security forces led him to the hanging!

olivebranch said...

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Joe said...

I understand not wanting to taint a holiday, but, letting Saddam live a minute longer would have been a true injustice to the thousands of people he has killed and hurt.

He was a disgrace to all good Iraqis.

Anonymous said...

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