Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Aamir Al Hashimi

Its been about ten days since Aamir al Hashimi was murdered in his home. Aamir al Hashimi was the Iraqi Army's Chief of General Staff (ra'ees arkan al jaysh) during Allawi's time and was currently serving as military advisor to President Talabani.
More importantly, he was Iraqi Vice President, Tariq Al Hashimi's, brother. He was the third sibling of al Hashimi's murdered in the last seven months by unknown forces.
Another brother, Mahmoud, was murdered in April, followed by their sister, Maysoon, two weeks later. I wrote of these murders back on April 16th and the 27th.

What bothers me the most about this latest murder are two factors. 1. The extent of hatred these murderers must have in them, to kill not one, not two, but at least three siblings of Tariq al Hashimi's, one of them a lone, unarmed woman.
And the other problem is the way in which this poor man was killed. He had taken many precautions against a possible assassination, in the wake of his other siblings murders. But on Monday morning, around 6 am, men in security uniforms came to his house, claiming that his brother, the vice president, had sent them. This is how they got past the initial security guards. They were driving the latest models of SUVs, driven by other security forces, and were very proficient at their job. When al Hashimi realized who they were, and attempted to escape to his neighbor's house, they shot him in the head. He passed away, Allah yirhamuh.
And to make matters worse for the poor wife, they took his son, and we heard the next day of his murder. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon. May Allah have mercy on their souls, during this blessed month of Ramadan, bring calm to this country. A moving post on the topic was written by blogger Konfused Kid.


Anonymous said...

Authu billah. The way people is extremely revolting. Unpunished murderers won't be left free and clear in the next life.

your hubby's sister said...

really moved to tears.. i'm glad you described it, though.. people need to hear about this kind of stuff .. i didn't know his son was killed.. Allah yirhamhum.. so sad...

Anonymous said...

Excuse me for saying but you said he was a traitor working for Allawi. I wonder if he did anything in particular to attract such hatred aside from his standard traitor role?

Or was he simply naive? What i mean is i wonder if he has done anything as bad to another?

Anonymous said...

Because, i gather that many unspeakable crimes were done to former regime (i mean sovereign not puppet) members and their family's including children..

Fatima said...

Hi anonymous,
I don't think he was a 'friend' of allawi's, he was just working in the army during allawi's time, and previous to it, even during Saddam's time, though he was not a Baathist, ie not in their inner circle. He had gone up the ranks through his merit.
And no, I know he was not involved in any type of crime in his role in the army.

Anonymous said...

Is it not sad that he chose to work in pocket with the Americans considering they are out to steal from and kill the Iraqis?

I find it strange that any Iraqi would collude with the people whom have killed millions in fact of their countrymen through sanctions and illegal warfare.

Look now at the destruction of Iraq the rape of its people and history and culture.
Yet it was always inevitable that the anti-imperialist resistance would in the end win, just sad that it came to this.

You are fortunate you can go back to America (hopefully richer) and pick up where you left.

I guess when the "coalition forces" leave the Iraqis will do as they did before and rebuild society.

Fatima said...

Hi anonymous,
I completely disagree with you. We have different viewpoints. First of all, Al Hashimi, Allah yirhamuh, was not working with the Americans. He was working for his countrymen, to better his country.
If he and others like him chose to sit home and complain, or chose to cause chaos in this country, we would be even worse off than we are now, though that is difficult to imagine.

And yes, I am lucky that I can leave this country if it descends further into chaos, but no, not richer, poorer. My husband's decision to work for the betterment of his country has nothing to do with money. In fact, he makes much less here than he did working in the States.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fatama,
Well when several thousand Iraqi collaborators enter the country like foolish baboons riding on the coat tails of the racist,Zionist,thieving cabal having starved,poisoned and bombed your fellow people (genocide) then I would have thought that a man of his military capabilities (financed,trained to protect his country against invaders) should have been attacking the invaders not supporting them?

Anonymous said...

Hi Fatama,
I'm pleased to see you did not support the war.

also anonymous said...

You know anonymous, your comments exude a fallacious sense of nationalism. You would condemn those who try to do something for this country amid chaos and yet offer no real solution yourself. It is sad to see people sit on the sidelines and simply bitch and cry about the occupation of Iraq (as bad as it is) and yet when it comes time to actually do things or to change things people are not there (were you?).

My question to you is, then what? Ok, everyone who works in the govt. is a collaborator, traitor, etc. etc. what would you have people do? Please present alternatives and do something instead of attacking great men from great families. If you knew any history you would know that the Hashimi family is one of the most distinguished military families in Iraq with generals going back to the fight against the British occupation. Gen. Aamir also fought against the present occupation and served Iraq for successive decades but after the war was over, he decided it would better serve Iraq to improve the armed forces rather than sit on the sidelines and watch people pillage the country, he chose to make a difference, had more people followed suit maybe the government today would not have as many criminals robbing the country of its resources.

I pray that you can figure things out for yourself and do something to better your country rather than sit at home and complain about the occupation. God save Iraq and the Iraqis...