Monday, July 31, 2006

Toy Store Owners Killed

I just read some shocking news on the Where Date Palms Grow blog that the Jelawi Store has shut down because its three owners were killed. La hawla wa la quatta illa billah. This store is the only store I've seen in Baghdad that sells high quality baby and children products/toys and better quality houseware. I've shopped there many times for my one year old daughter; got her a set of Legos from there, some crib toys and her walker. So it was quite shocking for me to hear this news of the store that is just a few minutes drive from my house.
Apparently the three brothers who own the store were murdered, and the store closed down.
Zappy writes:
One of the Gelawi Boys was interviwed some time ago by the Baghdad Sattilite Channel he was asked why have you not shut down your shop and fled the country. He answered that where should I go? I love my country and I like to keep the smile on the Children’s faces.

Two weeks ago the three Gelawi Brothers were assassinated inside their Shop.

The Terrorist succeeded in closing the largest toy shop in Baghdad.

Another blow to life in Baghdad.


vendetta said...

Just wanted to say that this blog is awesome. Really great stuff.

Halla said...

Fatima, This is sickening?? How is Iraq ever going to move on to a better Iraq if there is so much killing being done by their brothers!!

Treasure of Baghdad said...

I heard about this as well. Baghdad became like the city of ghosts. Everyone is locked in his/her house excpet for going to work. I don't know what will the coming days bring!

Anonymous said...

WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY?! I don't understnad what's wrong with these ppl? 2lla3nah.

Hatice said...

Another sad day.

Artemis said...

That's so sad :( I don't understand it either. May Allah reward the owners for caring so much for the children, and may He take them to a much, much better place. La hawla wa la quwata illa billah.

Samiya said...

Salams Fatima,

It is truly heartwrenching when those who try to uplift the greatest victims of the war, the innocent children, are erased.