Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Patriotic Graffiti

Graffiti in Iskaan area of Baghdad

When I first saw this sign, I missed one word on it and thought it read, "From Falluja to Kufa, Leave this country" (min al falluja ilal kufa, hatha al balad '3ufa). So, I took a picture, thinking that here was a sign expressing ultimate pessimism and the great wish that many Iraqis have for leaving their country. When I uploaded the photo to my computer, I noticed the word, 'man 3ufa', ie. 'we won't leave/let go of.' So the sign actually reads, "God is Great. From Falluja to Kufa, we won't let go of this country (won't give up on this country." So its actually an expression of the patriotism and optimism of the artist.

On the subject of travel, my husband was looking at plane tickets from Baghdad International Airport to Amman about a month ago. The ticket office told him that all flights out of Baghdad, to Amman, Cairo and Damascus were booked for at least a month ahead. Iraqis are leaving their country in droves, some just for a short break from the difficult life here, and many others for good, or until the situation gets better here. People threatened by death, kidnappings, arrests, and all of the above are seeking security and a better life in other countries. May God be with them all and allow them to return to their homeland secure and happy in the near future.

On that note, I will be travelling tomorrow to spend the summer with my family in the States. I will continue posting some of my thoughts, experiences and some older journal entries of mine from before I started blogging. God willing, travelling alone with my ten month old won't get the best of me. Peace and Salaam.


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip, we'll see you soon inshaAllah. Can't wait to see Sumy.

The Heretical Jew said...

Have a safe trip! I do not know where in the States you willbe but if you are nearby I would like to be your host for Suppor. Feel free to contact email os on my web page.

Halla said...

Allah Ma3ek, have a safe trip!

programmer craig said...

Aiee! I just found your blog and now you are leaving! Oh well. Happy trails, and I look forward to reading your posts when you arrive :)

I love Munich said...

Have a GREAT and SAFE trip - enjoy the summer with your folks!!

Magda said...

It roo7een wit rij3een bilsalama
did someone sprinkle water on you as you left?

Arthur Joel Katz said...

Along with the others I wish you a successful and happy trip.
I've noticed that for what seem to me understandable reasons you seem to avoid politics. But I was thinking of you most of Wednesday when I watched the debate in the United States Senate on a Demcratic plan to either force the administration to begin withdrawal of American troops by a day certain or at least offer a plan to do so by the end of the year. Both resolutions failed, the latter by 17 votes. Some of the debate was predicated on our "obligations" to Iraq to continue until the battle is won, whatever that means. Others argued that the Iraqi people have clearly shown that they wish the foreign occupation to end as soon as possible, although I sometimes wonder if those Iraqis who think that have also thought through the result. I am genuinely interested in your views on the situation. Please be assured that my purpose is information, not debate.
All the best,

Fatima said...

Anon, HJ, Halla, PC, Magda, ILM, and arthur, thanks for your good wishes. I arrived safely last night with my daughter; just trying to get her adjusted to the new life here.

Arthur and programmer craig, welcome to this blog.

arthur: you are right, I don't discuss politics much. There are different reasons for it, but honestly, the main reason is that I'm not really into politics so much, just the basics. My husband is the politics guru in our household. So I only really go into political issues that really get me riled, or affect my personal life.

About the issue you mention, I'll tell you how I feel. Personally, and on an emotional level more than a logical one, I do want the occupation to end, I want the soldiers out of Iraq. But my husband, who thinks more on a political level, feels that if the US soldiers leave now, the country might descend into more chaos, specifically between Sunnis/Shiias. Though I don't want that to be true, there might be some truth to it. The sad thing is that the presence of these forces started this whole mess, and now, if they're gone, it might mess things up even more. As Halla mentioned in a previous point, and I completely agree with, 'you're damned if you do, damned if you don't.'
Horrible situation to be in, not to know how to fix the problem.

Joel said...

I am delighted to learn that you and your daughter arrived safely.
I thank you for your response to my question.

To clear up a modest email confusion, Arthur Joel Katz and Joel Katz are the same person. It is merely that I am almost invariably called by my middle name.

With many good wishes,

LuisREsp said...

my family and I shall pray for you to have a safe trip.
I've had you on my mind and think of it as a voice of calm & graceful reason.

Fatima said...

Thank you Luis and welcome to this blog.