Saturday, March 18, 2006

Gas, Kerosene and Diesal

My husband and I (with our baby) took a walk to his aunt's house today. The walk took us past the gas station in our area (there's one gas station in each district, only). And as has been the case for the past year or so, a long line of cars extended past the gas station, a few kilometers down. Anyone needing to fill their tank has to wait about five hours in this line. Frustrating.

The same situation is true for kerosene (heaters), cooking gas and diesal (certain cars and electric generators). These things are sold on the street (many times illegally), but for up to seven times the price of the gas station. So for the average Iraqi, spending their weekends in a line leading up to the gas station has become a frustrating reality of life, compounding the many problems already faced here.

I didn't take a clear shot of the line of cars, but this is just a sampling of the cars waiting to fuel up, with my husband and daughter walking along. If you look carefully in the background, you'll see a long line of cars extending to the end of this long street, and beyond. (I can't easily take pics in public here- singles you out as a foreigner (which can be dangerous) and as one who has money enough to own a camera).


Aysha said...
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f. d. rahman said...

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